Using MEMS microphones in sound level meters

Bruno Paillard,Ph.D, chief designer, Convergence Instruments A measurement-class microphone such as a 0.5 in ICP microphone is typically a sizable part of the cost of a sound-level meter (SLM). That high instrument cost in turn constrains applications such as construction site monitoring or environmental studies, where many instruments are desired. Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) microphones offer […]

Over The Air Reconfiguration Through The Cloud

Instruments such as the NSRTW_mk3 and the VSEW_mk2 are used to monitor sound and vibration in remote locations. In the past, any change in the configuration of an instrument has required physical access to the instrument. The instrument could only be reconfigured through its USB connection, using the Instrument Manager application. When the instrument is […]

New wireless vibration meter represents explosion of capabilities

When a client seeking vibration meters for a confidential project came to AV-Consulting, a Netherlands-based noise and vibration specialist, the new VSEW mk2 – 8g from Convergence Instruments proved to be an ideal choice. The client’s goal, to measure the ground shock of buried explosive devices, called for a robust meter that could withstand shock […]

Convergence Instruments’ Solution Supports Community Effort in Silicon Valley

In the early 2000s, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began identifying solutions to severe airline traffic congestion and started developing a broad transformational plan known as NextGen. One of the many components of the plan is performance-based navigation (PBN), an air navigation strategy based on precision 3D flight paths designed to improve efficiency […]

Use the Cloud for Continuous Long-Term Noise Monitoring

The cloud now empowers the data reporting and management needs of datalogger users, thanks to Convergence Instrument’s (CI) Cloud-Data-Solutions. The service enables all of CI’s Wi-Fi-enabled dataloggers to report captured data straight to the cloud and offers multiple datalogger benefits for customers. Users can access recorded data from anywhere in the world at any time […]

A Cloud Data Solutions Service for Dataloggers

Convergence Instruments (CI) is a global designer and producer of affordable, high-performance solutions for data acquisition and analysis. CI focuses on small-yet-powerful data loggers with embedded acoustic measurement, motion sensors and vibration measurement capabilities for consumers as well as commercial and professional OEM markets. CI’s newest product is their Cloud Data Solution, released in early […]

Operation of a MEMS-Microphone Sound-Level-Meter in Dusty Environments

MEMS microphones, such as those used in the Noise Sentry RT line of integrating sound-level meters, have definite advantages compared to traditional electrostatic microphones: They produce a very low-noise, high-quality signal. They are very small. Many of them integrate amplification and digital sampling electronics, thereby providing a digital signal directly. They are manufactured using tightly […]

Low-Cost Windows Tablets Bolster Sentry-Series Instruments

Since very early on, Convergence Instruments has designed instruments with a minimalist, even non-existent, built-in user interface. This approach provides a much lower cost instrument, or one with better performance at the same price-point. A full-featured user-interface is implemented through a connection to a personal computer, which provides a very rich graphical display and more […]