Vibration Sentry RT and E Manager Installer Download Page


This installer installs the main instrument management application, as well as the instrument’s USB driver.
WARNING: It must be installed BEFORE connecting the instrument to the PC for the first time.



Download the installer and run it.
For Windows XP see manual driver installation procedure

Vibration Sentry RT and E Manager Software – (V420, March, 2016). Suitable for both VS RT and VS E.

User’s Manual

After installation, open from Start Menu\All Programs\Vibration_Sentry_RT_Manager\Documentation



  • Instrument Setup and Management
  • Real-Time Oscilloscope Function
  • Real-Time Spectral Analysis
  • Recording Download and Visualization

Data Export

  • Tab-Delimited Format (Excel)
  • .wav files (for raw signal processing)
  • .cil files (for data archiving and data exchange)