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Product Description

The THM Sentry series of instruments are high-performance temperature, humidity and motion data loggers. The Temperature and Motion Data Logger include a high-resolution temperature sensor, a high-resolution relative humidity sensor, a motion and vibration sensor, an accurate date/time clock and a non-volatile 12000-point recording memory. The motion sensor measures the number of motion events where the acceleration is above an adjustable threshold, or the number of hours where motion is detected (hours of operation). Their very small size allows them to be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.

Our data loggers are among the smallest in the industry.

Migrating the communication electronics from the instrument to the MLI cable contributes to the small size of the Convergence Instruments data loggers. Furthermore the increased cost of the cable is completely offset by a corresponding decrease in the cost of the instrument. This architectural choice provides a definite benefit when the user owns several instruments, because then only one cable needs to be purchased, and this results in net savings.

Temperature and Motion Data Logger Applications

  • Logging hours of operation or duty rate of motors machinery and equipment
  • Monitoring of storage, transport conditions and movements of perishable items (fresh produce… etc.)
  • Tamper-proof Monitoring of Environmental Conditions
  • Monitoring of Storage Conditions for Musical Instruments and Other Delicate Items
  • Detection and logging of the handling of pieces of equipments (Asset Management)
  • Monitoring of indoors and outdoors environmental conditions
  • Monitoring of environmental conditions for:
    • Museums
    • Freezers
    • Incubators
    • Exotic Animal Habitat
    • Electronic Equipment (Servers…)



Weight 0.015 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 2 x 2 in

5.7 cm x 3.5 cm x 1.1 cm (2.25 in x 1.35 in x 0.43 in)


15 g (0.5 oz)


Max, Avg and Min Temperature / Motion (Number of events or hours of operation)


Max and Min Temperature / Motion (Number of events or hours of operation)

Battery Life

12 months to 19 months (depending on mode of operation)

Battery Type

BR2032 lithium battery for full temperature range / CR2032 lithium battery for reduced temperature range

Temperature range

(operating and storage) -30 °C to 80 °C (-22 °F to 176 °F) if BR2032 battery / -20 °C to 70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F) if CR2032 battery

Temperature resolution

0.06 °C /0.12 °F

Temperature precision

0.5 °C /0.9 °F (typical)

Temperature time constant

< 15 min still air / < 6 min circulating air

Motion detector number of axes

3 axes (omni-directional)

Motion type detected

Motion only (low frequencies) / Vibrations only (high frequencies) / Motion + Vibration

Motion noise level

Better than 10 mg (100 10-3 m/s2)

Motion threshold range

Adjustable 0 to 3.5g

Measurement interval


Recording interval

Adjustable 2s to 12H, with 2s resolution

Recording memory type


Recording/Erasure Cycles

More than 10 000

Recording Memory Depth

12 000 individual measurement points

  • High performance temperature, humidity and motion data logger
  • Very high resolution temperature sensor
  • Adjustable Motion type (motion, vibration or both) and threshold
  • Counts motion events or hours of operation
  • Accurate date/time clock
  • Non-volatile 12000-point recording memory
  • 12 months to 19 months of battery life and recording
  • Temperature and Motion Alarms
  • Small convenient size
  • Connects to a PC using its USB adapter cable
  • All digital design
  • THM Sentry Manager application to setup operating and recording parameters, download, visualize and export data
  • Displays data while recording
  • LabVIEWTM driver available


Software Description Importance Download
THM Sentry Manager Manager Installer (V123, 12-07-2010) Instrument Management Software Essential Install BEFORE connecting the instrument
THM Sentry LabVIEWTM Driver (V1.1, Septembre 13, 2010) LabVIEW Driver Optional