Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger for Long Term Outdoors Applications | Noise Sentry RT-W

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Product Description

Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger Noise Sentry RT-W is a new generation of WiFi™ enabled smart integrating sound level meter/datalogger. It includes a digital MEMS microphone, an accurate date/time clock, a non-volatile 128 Mb recording memory and Wireless connectivity. Running on battery, it can record sound pressure levels and report them through WiFi™ for a week. Connected to an external USB charger it can record and report for months. Its very small size allows it to be attached to or embedded within the monitored equipment.

Every Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger Noise Sentry RT-W purchased is provided with an Individual Manufacturer’s Certificate of Calibration from Convergence Instruments. This all-digital design includes the A and C weighting curves. It is enclosed in a completely weatherproof casing which is designed for indoors and outdoors applications. Its highly sensitive MEMS microphone has a noise floor of 31 dB-A, and is ultra stable with time and temperature variations. The software includes an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer features, as well as email alarms.

Wireless Sound Level Meter Data Logger Applications

  • Sound level and acoustic dose measurement and recording.
  • Monitoring of safe working conditions.
  • Email Alarms when the noise is too loud.
  • Activity detection and recording.
  • Long-term measurement and recording of acoustic levels for environmental impact studies.
  • Specially designed for long-term outdoors applications.

Related Software Description

  • NSRT Community Noise Metrics is an application to calculate standard noise metrics from data recorded by the Noise Sentry RT-W. The calculated metrics include CNEL, Lden, N70 and 8 others, in addition to the Sound-Exposure Levels of events and percentiles.


Weight 0.1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 x 3.5 x 3 in

25 Hz to 8 kHz

Microphone Sensor

Digital MEMs

Precision Class

Type II

Saturation Level (typical @ 1 kHz)

117 dB-A, 114 dB-C

Temperature Error

Better than 0.1 dB (0°C < T < 60°C), Better than 0.5 dB (-20°C < T < 60°C)

Sensitivity to Vibrations

60 dBSPL/g (20 dB lower than typical measurement microphone)

Weighting Curve

dB-A, dB-C

Noise-Floor (Typical)

31 dB-A, 40 dB-C

Recording Resolution

0.1 dB

Duty Rate of Signal Capture

100% – No Missed Samples

Real-Time Spectral Display

256-point Power Spectrum – dB or Lin Scale.


Field-calibrated using a 1/2" calibrator



Battery Type

Integral Li-Poly – USB-Rechargeable

Recharge Time

2 h 30 (Typical)

Battery Autonomy (Full-Charge)

7 days while recording (WiFi operation will drain battery slightly more, depending on rate of connect)

Battery Life

> 300 Charge/Discharge Cycles

Temperature Range

-20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Recording Memory

Non-Volatile Flash Memory

Recording Memory Capacity (RT128 Model)

128 Mb, Ex: can continuously record Lmax, Lmin and Leq levels at 1s intervals for 32 days, or 10s intervals for 320 days.

Recording/Erasure Cycles

Greater than 100 000

Data Retention

Greater than 20 Years


Integrally Potted Weather-Proof ABS Enclosure

WiFi Security

Open, WEP, WPA / WPA2

Max Defined Routers/Access Points


Max Defined Servers



7.62 x 3.94 x 6.6 cm

  • WiFi™ connectivity to report measured levels remotely and automatically at preset intervals.
  • WiFi™ connectivity allows alarm emails on over-level and weak battery events.
  • Individual Manufacturer’s Certificate of Calibration from Convergence Instruments provided with every instrument purchased.
  • Digital very sensitive MEMS microphone (31 dBA typical noise floor)
  • Completely sealed weatherproof enclosure designed for outdoors applications.
  • All-digital design.
  • Ultra stable sensitivity (field recalibration is easily done, but seldom required)
  • Very low sensitivity variation due to temperature changes
  • Very low sensitivity to vibrations
  • A and C weighting curves.
  • Integrating Sound-Level Meter, records L-max, L-min and Leq levels.
  • Software function calculates global Leq and/or dose, according to ISO and OSHA methods.
  • Adjustable response time.
  • Preprogrammed recording start date/time.
  • Integrated oscilloscope function that can show the acoustic signal in real time.
  • Integrated spectral analyzer function that can show the spectrum (or 3rd-octave bands) in real time.
  • Allows the observation of recorded levels while the recording is ongoing.
  • Works standalone, or USB connected.
  • Long life internal rechargeable battery that recharges from USB and most USB chargers.
  • Can be field-calibrated.
  • Observes and records 100% of the acoustic signal (no missed samples).
  • Editable individual custom ID for easier instrument management.
  • All settings are stored in non-volatile memory. So the instrument will regain full functionality and WiFi connection from hard-reset or battery loss.
Noise Senrty RT Noise Sentry RT-W (Wireless) Noise Sentry RT-P (Personal)
Precision Class Type II Type II Type II
Rechargeable Battery Autonomy 7 Days (Recording) 7 Days (Recording) 7 Days (Recording)
Connectivity USB USB & wiFi USB
Attachment System Wall or Tripod Mountable Wall or Tripod Mountable Worn on Clothes
Weight 3.6 oz
103 g
3.3 oz
93 g
2.8 oz
80 g
Memory 128 Mb 128 Mb 64 Mb
Data Non-Volatile Non-Volatile Non-Volatile
Settings Volatile Non-Volatile Non-Volatile
Software NSRT-Manager
LabVIEW Driver
Email Alarm Functions Only while Connected to a PC When Working Stand-Alone None
Timer One Time Start One Time Start Repeated Start & Stop
FFT Resolution (For Real-Time Display Only, Not Recording) 512 points 256 points 512 points
Software Description Importance Download
Noise Sentry RTW Manager Installer (V230, April, 2016) Instrument Management Software Essential Install BEFORE connecting the instrument
Noise Sentry RTW Listener Installer (V250, April, 2016) Must run on the server to receive and process incoming NSRT-W connections. Now includes the AutoCalc feature, which automatically calculates various metrics in batch and exports the data to a spreadsheet format. Essential for WiFi connectivity on the server-side
Noise Sentry RT Community Noise Metrics Installer (V340, April, 2017) An application to calculate various noise metrics, such as CNEL, LDEN... and many others Optional
Noise Sentry RTW Continuous Level Listener Installer (V110, February, 2016) A simple application that stays connected to the instrument through WiFi and downloads the instantaneous level continuously to a file. Great to automate the continuous reading of the instrument Optional

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