Cloud data solutions – 6 to 10 devices

459.00 $ / year with a 30-day free trial USD

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Cancel anytime during the free trial. Your credit card will be autocharged annually unless you manually cancel the account before the 30 days free trial ends.

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Product Description

This Advanced Package is an annual Cloud Data Solution Subscription good for up to 10 devices.

  • 24/7 data collection from instruments anywhere in the world
  • No need for a dedicated server for data collection or emails
  • Automatic alarm emails with no need to configure email account
  • Automatic instrument configuration through the web
  • Data can be downloaded via simple web browser from anywhere in the world
  • Data can be viewed at any time on any web browser, such as PC, MAC, phone… etc.
  • 500 MB of storage space per instrument

Once your first instrument installation and configuration is completed, you will be able to do the following with your CIDataSolutions™ Web access:

  1. Manage your CIDataSolutions™ account, meaning:
    • Manage your business information.
    • Manage your subscriptions and the instruments activation/deactivation for those you own or have access rights to.
    • Manage as many users as you want for your company’s account. Give them rights and accesses. Assign specific instruments to specific users.
  2. Manage your instrument setups and associated recordings (wlg) files.
    • Introduction to CIDataSolutions Web Application 9 © 2017 – Convergence Instruments & Trovema Technologies Inc.
  3. View your recorded data in graphical form: Instrument’s temperature over time, Instrument’s battery voltage over time, instruments collected noise data for a specific period of time of your choice. Pan and zoom tools are available. You can also capture your graphics in jpeg format to paste them to your documents
  4. Setup alarm e-mails from your instruments when the measured noise level reaches a preset threshold or when the instrument’s battery falls below a critical voltage.


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